Prof. Dr. Christian Albert

Room: IA E6 / 107
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-29615
Fax: +49 (0)234 32-14180

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Unit: Environmental Analysis and Planning

Executive Director
Team Leader

Focus of activity

Christian Albert is a landscape planner, head of the working group on Environmental Analysis and Planning in Metropolitan Regions and Acting Director of the Institute of Geography. His research aims at advancing theories and methods of landscape and environmental planning to support spatial transformations to just and sustainable futures for people and nature. Particular foci of his work are options for integrating novel concepts such as ecosystem services, green infrastructure and nature-based solutions, and the application of innovative methods in planning, including remote sensing, citizen science, and Geodesign. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses and studios on environmental challenges, integrated assessments, and environmental planning.

Curriculum vitae

Professional experience


Fellowships and awards



  • RIVERSPACE – More space for rivers (2021 - 2024, UBA): Work Package Lead
  • FACTCHECK BIODIVERSITY – a German National Biodiversity Assessment (2021 - 2023): Lead Author for a Chapter on Urban Areas
  • REPLAN – (re)Planning Nature-Based Solutions and Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Transformations (2021 - 2025, FORMAS): Work Package Co-Lead (with Dr. Adem Esmail)
  • SOUNDPLAN – Integrating Soundscape in Landscape Planning (2021 - 2023, CSC): Co-PI with Prof. Jiang, Fuzhou University
  • PLACES – Planning Metropolitan Landscapes Lab (since 2019): PI
  • PlanSmart – Planning and Governing Nature-based Solutions in River Landscapes (2016 - 2022, BMBF): PI and Co-Lead (with Dr. Schröter)
  • RESI-LAHN – River Ecosystem Services Index Follow-Up Project Lahn (2019 - 2020, BMBF): Work Package Lead
  • UNCERTAINTY – Charting the unknown, uncertainties in landscape planning (2013 - 2018, DFG): Co-PI with Prof. von Haaren
  • STANDARD-COSTS – Cost standards for ecosystem services impairments (2015 - 2016, UBA): Co-PI with Dr. Beck, UFZ
  • CES – Valueing cultural ecosystem services in Germany (2013 - 2018, BMUB): Co-PI with Prof. Dr. von Haaren
  • TEEB-DE – Natural Capital Germany Study on Ecosystem Services in Rural Areas (2013 - 2016, BMUB): Co-editor with Prof. von Haaren
  • SCOPING NEA-DE – A scoping study for a national ecosystem assessment in Germany (2012 - 2014, UFZ): Coordinator with Prof. Görg
  • QUANTIFY – Quantifying ecosystem services for landscape planning (2012 - 2014, LUH start up fund): PI
  • SMARTSPATIAL – Opportunity Assessments and Environmental Aspects of Smart Grits (2012 - 2015, Lower Saxony Ministry for Research and Culture), Co-PI with Prof. von Haaren
  • INTEGRATIVE ENERGY CROP PRODUCTION (2011, Lower Saxony Ministry for Research and Culture), Collaborator with Prof. von Haaren and Prof. Rode
  • DIEPHOLZ – Establishing sustainable nature conservation strategies for the Diepholz peatlands (2006 - 2007, DBU): Collaborator with Prof. von Haaren and Prof. Petermann